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The purpose of the VINE Groups is to promote mutual involvement in personal ministry throughout the church.


VINE Groups seek to provide an avenue for similarly gifted people to exercise their gifts and passions in the development of creative ideas, practical improvements, meeting of needs, and encouragement in well-doing that result in the edification of the church and produce actionable recommendations to the Session in support of the vision of the church.


The VINE groups are intended to be grass-roots structures that provide for the on-going supply and evaluation of ideas for the edification of the church as a whole; as well as readily accessible avenues for plugging in members in the exercise of their gifts. As such it is anticipated that individuals will suppply suggestions and ideas to the appropriate VINE group. The VINE group will evaluate these ideaas as appropriate and make recommendations to the Session as needed. Groups may work with the Session or with other groups as shown by the overlap in the diagram below.

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The VINE groups are intended to remain small to aid the ease of gathering and decision making. The life of a group may vary from group to group with some groups arising for particular needs and others remaining long term. Some groups may mature into formal committees. It is hoped and encouraged that every Communing member be involved in at least one group. The diagram below attempts to match gifts and abilities with the appropriate group.

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